Artistic Director, Hobo Junction Productions

Literary Manager and Web Master, Broken Nose Theatre

Having just concluded a run in Broken Nose Theatre’s World Premiere production of Beautiful Broken, and in preparation to take part in Kate’s Dates with Waltzing Mechanics, Spenser is keeping his eye out for new, exciting projects throughout the Chicago theater community. If you have not met Spenser, you might have seen him playing Alex playing The Nurse from “Romeo & Juliet” in Beautiful Broken, as one of the four actors in the late-night hit My First Time (also Broken Nose), as Bobby Kennedy in Armageddon: Unplugged (Ex-Pats Theatre), or as an alien’s pantless hostage in In Pursuit (Hobo Junction Productions). If you have met him, though, then you know how much it is killing him to write this like he’s not in the room right now. All told, he has been in over thirty-five theatrical productions across four states, and he has no intention of slowing down.

Spenser Davis was raised in Northwest Arkansas, in the towns of Springdale and Bentonville (home of Wal*Mart). At age 5, he was sitting in front of the television, watching an episode of “Bosom Buddies” starring a very-young Tom Hanks, when he turned to his mother and said, “I want to do that.”

“Do what?” she asked.

“That,” he replied, pointing to Tom Hanks in drag. “Pretend to be people.”

“Well, honey,” she said slowly, in that parent-delivering-reality voice. “If you want to be an actor, you’ll need to get an agent.”

Two years passed before Spenser asked the next crucial question: “How do I get an agent?”

… To which his mom responded, “Spenser, I AM your agent.”

Spenser has been entrenched neck-deep in theater and film ever since. After graduating from Bentonville High School in 2007, he subsequently moved to Chicago to take advantage of opportunities he didn’t necessarily have back home.

During Summer 2011, he decided to pursue playwriting as well. Since then, his work has been featured at Chicago Dramatists, Second City Chicago, Appetite Theatre, American Theater Company, Collaboraction, Theater Wit, Connecticut’s Valley Rep, Ohio’s Mad Lab Theatre, and Toronto’s Alumnae Theater. His first short play Minimalistic Men was named one of the “Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2012” by New York’s Smith & Kraus, while his works The Red Stuff and Rebecca Says Be Cool have been featured at the Big Shoulders Festival and the Indie Boots Theater Festival, respectively. He was the Head Writer on Abbie Fest 24’s An Awful Night of Crap and served on the Selection Jury for the National “31 Plays, 31 Days” Contest. 

Whether as an actor, an writer, or simply an arts enthusiast, Spenser is consistently exploring the city’s performance community for appealing projects and friendly ensembles. He’d love to hear from you! (If you are interested in a copy of Spenser’s playwriting or acting resume, feel free to send him an e-mail. He’s very good at responding to them.)