Back in April, when I first submitted my short play "Minimalistic Men" to the Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series staged reading contest, I wasn't sure how the judging panel would react to it. After all, it's a play about two young men who, well, discover that they are characters in a play. And what's worse, when the play ends, they die. At the time I thought it was a fun concept, but when executed, sometimes the comedy turned dark. And when you want to keep your audience laughing even as the characters are staring their own deaths in the face, you have to balance that. So when my short play was one of six accepted, I was exciting and surprised and more than a little nervous.

The staged reading took place in June. And, as it turns out, having my short play read in front of a 50+ person audience was not the only reward for being selected. It turns out that all six of the short plays selected will now be receiving full realized staged productions during a five-week run.

The performances, as of now, will be every Thursday at 10:30 PM, starting November 17th and ending December 15th, at the Second City Donny's Skybox theatre. Other playwrights include Chicago Dramatists Network Playwrights Chad Baker and Steven Peterson ("Invasion of Skokie"), as well as Alex DeWitt, Emilie Syberg, and Michael Salomon.

Casting info will be released shortly.