Almost one year to the day, I have been working as a playwright in the city of Chicago. I can't believe it has only been a year since my first short play "Minimalistic Men" was selected for, and received a staged reading at, the Chicago Dramatists Ten-Minute Comedy workshop.

More recently: My newest short comedy, "The Red Stuff," was featured in the American Theater Company's annual Big Shoulders New Play Festival last Tuesday, June 19th. Centering around a newly-married man who makes the mistake of asking for ketchup on his Chicago hotdog, "The Red Stuff" had the good fortune of being placed in a one-night program that included work by Chicago-based writers as varied as Idris Goodwin, Adrienne Dawes, Jenny Seidelman, Emile Ferris, Sadieh Rifai, Lauren Sivak, Shawn L. Price, Kristin Idaszak, Steven Simoncic, and Anthony Ellison. The play was directed by Michael Carnow of Profiles Theater, and it benefited tremendously from having a very game cast of actors working on it.

Many thanks to ATC and the Big Shoulders producers Josh Jaeger and Elise Walter for letting me take part in what was a great festival experience.