As I continue my participation in Broken Nose Theatre's inaugural production, "My First Time" -- playing every Friday night at 11 p.m. at the Greenhouse Theatre -- I have also received two new theatrical opportunities back-to-back.

Currently, I am working alongside Collaboraction's Anthony Moseley and an ensemble of actors, writers and activists for build a show tentatively titled "Crime Scene Chicago," which will focus heavily on Chicago's crime epidemic and its inability to be white-washed by the phrase 'gang-on-gang violence.' The ensemble members and I will be making a presentation at Collaboraction's Beggar's Banquet this Saturday, to an audience of paying guests who share the theater company's enthusiasm for collaboratively devised work. The show will then continue being constructed and workshopped until its official premiere next Spring.

In addition, director Richard Paro, who I had the pleasure of working with in the Hobo Junction show "In Pursuit," has cast me in "Hope Springs Eternal," his ten-minute entry into Hobo Junction's fifth annual short play festival, Hobo Robo 5: Hobos Across America. Rehearsals begin this Saturday. Performances will be on the nights of October 22nd through 24th. Richard Paro, who won last year's Hobo Robo competition, will be defending his title against eight other Chicagoland directors.