Two weeks ago, I was participating in three separate productions. At Collaboraction, I teamed up with Anthony Moseley (Artistic Director) and an ensemble of very talented actor-writers to devise the upcoming Spring production tentatively referred to as Crime Scene Chicago; the devising process culminated with a dramatic presentation made at the annual Beggars' Banquet earlier this month. At the Greenhouse Theater in Lincoln Park, I was a cast member in the Chicago premiere of the Off-Broadway hit, My First Time, produced by the brand-new Broken Nose Theatre and directed by Benjamin Brownson (Artistic Director). The show closed this past Friday to an enthusiastic audience. And with my own theater company, Hobo Junction, I took part in one of the nine short plays featured in our annual Hobo Robo Festival, called Hobo Robo 5: Hobos Across America. The play, "Hope Springs Eternal," was directed by Richard Paro, winner of the fourth Hobo Robo Festival. And, in an unprecedented move, the Audience Award went yet again to Mr. Paro. The festival ran from October 22nd - 24th, and was reduced to standing-room-only all three nights.

And now, all three projects are over, leaving me with the desire to embark on new opportunities.

One such opportunity arose when My First Time director Benjamin Brownson cast me in the staged reading of Broken Nose's next play, Beautiful Broken. We will prep the reading for late November/early December, with the understanding that we may or may not be cast in the full production next Spring.

My fellow Hobo Junction company members and I are also planning a writers' retreat for next January, during which we will build, collaboratively, a brand-new original musical from the ground up. What the musical is about, and where it will be produced, has yet to be determined.

With a staged reading in rehearsal, and one writing project slated for the beginning of 2013, I will continue to seek new productions to audition for, as well as other exciting playwriting opportunities.